Foot loose dating

Fans of the original in particular will enjoy all of the throwbacks and nods to the first film.

The DVD and Blu-ray extras include deleted scenes, commentary, three making-of featurettes, and a few extra music videos.

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Illustrator Tim Bowers has created memorable art for over thirty-five children's books, including The New York Times bestsellers, Dream Big, Little Pig!

His gift for crafting deeply emotional music is unparalleled, and it's been a part of his life as long as he can remember.

Although Loggins has 12 platinum albums, a pair of Grammys, and hits on almost all the Billboard charts under his belt, he's far from done.

Rev Shaw Moore has exercised this law after the death of his son and 3 others in an alcohol/party related car accident.

Ren who loves music and dancing finds himself at odds with the townsfolk and befriends Willard, local country hick.