Foot fetish fast meeting

What may surprise you dear reader is Christians protected their feet by the patronage of the holy.

Two Saints championed the legs and feet, St Peter (The Apostle).

For this token of devotion, Christ forgave her sins then proceeded to remind his host that he had not been extended the same courtesy as would be appropriate to a welcome guest.‘I have done this to give you an example of something that you should do.’ Christ’s action demonstrated that service rather than status represented greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven.This action prepared his disciples (and their converts) to walk in the path of righteousness.Christians adopted the Hebrew foot washing ceremony and in some religious faiths this is still considered as one of the three ordinances (sacrament) i.e. Foot washing acts as a renewal of baptism and commitment to living God’s way of life.Foot washing is still practised in one form or other throughout the world on the Thursday before Good Friday.