Flirt virtual worlds

Don't think you're going to get laid five times a night just by hanging around in a nightclub.

You still need to make the effort - people like Second Life because it resembles an alternate real world, remember, and real world rules still apply.

That's the most basic summary of how Second Life works - but it can also get a whole lot more complicated.

The game - or world - has its own currency, called the Linden Dollar (L$).

Because the world within Second Life is a real society just like ours, nothing is for free.

To pay for services, players need Linden dollars, and they can be bought with real money - right now, 1 USD buys 250 in-game Linden dollars.

An interesting consequence of this is that players, provided they have enough time, can actually use Second Life as a kind of substitute for actually getting a real-life job.

There are several ways to earn Linden dollars in big quantities, and later sell or exchange them for real-life dollars.

You can visit "Hell’s Asylum" (a landscape of fire and brimstone), "Everwinter" (a post apocalyptic wasteland based on the Chernobyl fallout zone) or - if you prefer something more serene - there's "Irreplaceable", a beautiful island paradise complete with a castle, forests and an underwater cave.

It's a virtual world, similar to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft, in which players create an avatar to roam the virtual world with.

This is completely customizable, so it's not necessary for it to be a human - it could be an animal, or a vegetable.

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At first glance, the clip appears to be an entirely innocent glimpse of a teenage boy having fun in the snow in his back garden.