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If you need to implement this type of concurrency control you're on your own.Pessimistic concurrency control is useful in scenarios where concurrency violations absolutely, positively must not occur.The first manager may see this and realize that the product's unit price is incorrect, that is should really be .00.She clicks the Edit button and starts to make her change.But in applications where concurrency conflicts may occur, it's worthwhile to consider adding some form of concurrency control.

With pessimistic concurrency control there needs to be some mechanism where a user can lock a particular row or an entire database table and say, essentially, "No one can modify these records until I'm done!If you complete your purchase process by the deadline, the seat is yours.If you fail to complete the purchase by then - either because you go out to lunch or are just too slow in entering your information - the seat is "unlocked" and returned to the general pool. NET does not offer any built-in support for pessimistic concurrency control.If you are ordering a ticket to a concert or plane flight online, it's important that from the time you pick your seat to the time you place your order and provide your payment information that some other user doesn't sneak in and take the seat you're ordering.To accommodate this, many reservation systems let you choose a seat and then lock it for a specified duration.

Event rowupdating which wasnt