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The crew explored the area using the first lunar rover, which allowed them to travel much farther from the Lunar Module (LM) than had been possible on missions without the rover.They collected 77 kilograms (170 lb) of lunar surface material.The mission began on July 26, 1971, and ended on August 7.

) -Mitsune's Room, frame above opening -Motoko's room, statue's head -Dining Room, top drawer -Lounge, round frame -Training Center, Japanese sign -Outside Tea House, above big opening -West Town, first red Japanese sign -East Town, red lamp -East Town, red lamp (click twice!Charlevoix, au Québec, est une destination de premier plan pour la pratique d'activités de plein air en nature.Son territoire comprend trois parcs nationaux et un des plus beaux sites au monde pour l'observation des mammifères marins.Each girl has a different personality, so you have to be careful and choose the appropriate options in your dialogs to make sure you avoid spending Valentine's Day on your own. Należy połączyć ze sobą wszystkie magiczne składniki prawdziwego romansu, aby przekonać się co z tego wyniknie. Nie daj się rozjechać, unikaj wypadnięcia za planszę.