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These tools share some parts, but differ in others. You can download the most recent version from the following web sites: CVSNT is an implementation of CVS for Windows that was so successful that it has been ported over to UNIX. As the name indicates, you need a server machine to install CVSNT.

The operating system doesn't have to be Windows Server, Windows XP works just as well.

Microsoft released version 6.0 Visual Source Safe in 1998 along with VFP 6.0.

For the following almost eight years, Microsoft released three more Versions of Visual Fox Pro, many new operating systems, versions of offices, with . However, for Visual Source Safe they only released minor patches.

Even though you can grant permissions to users in VSS, this is all smoke and mirror.

As a file server based system, a user needs write access to the entire VSS database folder in order to check in any file.

This inevitably raises the question how long the company supports both products, considering that Microsoft is reducing its support for Source Safe.

Finally, security becomes an increasing issue, too.

CVS and Sub Version are open source alternatives for Visual Source Christof Wollenhaupt, Foxpert For many years version control in Visual Fox Pro and Visual Source Safe were synonyms.Sessions and articles covering team development exclusively referred to Visual Source Safe.CVS consists of two components: a server and a client.Like in many open source projects there are several different tools available for a number of platforms.