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We wouldn't want our users to enter their name and email all over again just because their two password fields didn't match up.We have to add something to our form validation on the backend side of things and then we'll add the information to our view file.We wouldn't want multiple users with the same email right?Go into the command line and type We are going to create our Eloquent model so that we can save our ducks to the database. See 'Entity Validation Errors' property for more details. See 'Entity Validation Errors' property for more details. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. See 'Entity Validation Errors' property for more details.] Not all the posted form variables match with the database defined type. Now I need to convert the two to date and time respectively.s to my models and that some development seed data was not populating all of the required fields.

I have used date and time in the database but there is no direct datatype equivalent in . So just a note that if you're getting this error whilst updating the database through some sort of init strategy like then you have to make sure that your seed data fulfils and satisfies any model data validation attributes. Just don't know what the name would like like in my Solution Explorer. If the validation succeeded, we are going to create the duck in our database and redirect the user back to the form.For a full list of the validation rules available to you, go look at the available validation rules.Insufficient My SQL permissions of the My SQL user used with Live Zilla.Please make sure that the My SQL user has the permission to: REATE/ALTER/DROP tables and SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE data in the regarding database. Please note that all connections to the database will be initiated by the Live Zilla Server Script (PHP) and NOT by your local Live Zilla Client.

Error validating database