Elf and drawf dating game

The addition of the Kick Off Return skill also makes it more likely they can get the ball into a cage successfully.

So the alternative is to form up in front of their team to stop the advance, you need columns of two players across the pitch.

Most Dwarf teams will also tend to have quite a lot of Guard, another reason to try and avoid getting in a scrum.

Having some Guard yourself can help make their blocks harder and may give you some more opportunities to try and push them back.

A short drive is something Dwarfs aren’t designed for and can often struggle with.

It makes it more likely they will turnover and you can perhaps get a takeaway score.

This can also happen if the Dwarf team makes the mistake of not leaving anyone deep, if you’ve a very fast player there is a possibility you can stand a square next to the end zone and all the Dwarf players are too far away to reach you.

Having Block and Wrestle are a great aid as Block will negate the Dwarf advantage of being a Block heavy team, while Wrestle can pull their players down.

Their slow players having to spend three movement to stand up will really hinder them.

Both skills also help away from the sidelines too as you can stay in their way, preventing them from choosing where to push you.

Lastly Fend can help if you do end up in contact, they won’t be able to follow up after blocks.