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"He was spawned in a dish."SOMEBODY ELSE PLAYS GEORGE IN REAL LIFE.On TV, George is the best friend of Jerry Seinfeld, who is Larry David's best friend off TV.Back then, Meaning was everything, and people sought only larger truth.Those who dared to ponder the Meaning of Nothing could not expect to be taken seriously."George is Larry David's id," says Larry Charles."He embodies all the dark impulses that Larry David has occasionally acted upon." Alexander frets: "There are times when George walks the line of really being kind of hateful, but ultimately his heart's in the right place." Indeed, Seinfeld has said that a George spinoff could only be titled , but he's definitely not a loser."NOBODY PLAYS JASON ALEXANDER IN REAL LIFE. "I'm doing things in this car you have no idea are going on!

Later he demonstrates various momentous departures at a nearby restaurant, while customers gawk. "This is the Maximum Metabolism diet." He extracts several tablets from a pillbox and swallows one at a time, saying, "This one kills your hunger pang, this one kills your sugar pang. Let the hair grow.'" Regarding hair, Alexander himself has been balding since age seventeen. "I had nine years of orthodontia, and the day the braces came off, the hair started falling out."George gets great women," says Alexander, eating tuna. For the first three seasons, Jerry was very uncomfortable being an actor.He didn't want to do anything he didn't feel comfortable doing, like getting angry or having a romantic scene.What follows are details of how each of them rose to a pronounced lack of occasion. He leaves his bed to open the door, which he does slowly, unlike Kramer, who prefers his doors flung with velocity. " he said, for instance, upon his first Seinfeld entrance four years ago.Kramer makes entrances, explosive and erratic, for which no door is safe. Michael Richards, who is Kramer, has arisen this morning to open his door for movers. "For a single man, it's fine," he says of his house, a large California ranch-style structure in Studio City, near where is filmed.