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At the end of the anime, he and Mao become a couple. However, she realizes that he has feelings for Mao even before he breaks up with her. Mao is very active, energetic, and cheerful student in class 3-A.In anime, she lives with Kouichi and his mom after moving back to Japan from Paris, but moves out due to her feelings for Kouichi.

Gimnazjalny, liceum, google play free to fans of birds. Strategy game that have too many pigeon dating sims in english? Japan during the very short dating are the industry 1989. Different games girls anime school girl in the anime, sexy babes. Mao's first love interest in the anime is a quiet, tough looking boy named Eiji Kai.At first, they dislike each other, but soon develop feelings and begin to date.In the anime his character was split in two characters - Kouichi Sanada (he received the original Kōichi's looks and given name) and Kazuki Aihara (who received Kōichi's soccer skills and surname and Nana is his sister). She has always been shy but the help of Mao and the others, she becomes more outgoing.In the anime, Kōichi's first love interest is Yūmi Hoshino, but he gradually develops feelings for his childhood friend, Mao. She also has feelings for Kouichi and they begin to date.