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The basic principle is to go to the biggest market as possible.If you want to limit what you’re looking for, try to do it in ways where there’s a still a very big pool of those types of people._____ Paul Oyer I think there are a few simple principles that economics would provide for you.

It’s what an economist would call, “looking for a thick market.” What you want to do is think about whether you would rather be on or on some little local dating site, because the choices are going to be much greater.The Whats Your Price homepage now features a simpler sign-up process that helps to quickly create an optimized profile.Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Paul Oyer, author of Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned from Online Dating: Interesting. If one’s self-perception is one thing, it can be difficult to cross that out.(No, Aunt Bertie, I’ve never been kidnapped …) While the situation may not be as dire as poor Aunt Bertie suspects, there are a few simple ways to maximize safety and minimize risk when finding a date online.Enjoy the online dating world confidently …[ read more ] Avoid the over-share, arrive on time, don’t be rude to your waiter: there are a few first date golden rules most people know, but sometimes rules should be broken.