Does body size matter dating

Cussen says normal rules don’t apply in these cases.

Wealth, status, power and confidence, she believes, can change a woman’s attitude. “If a man’s status is very high, it will compensate for his height if he’s smaller than the woman.

For dating agency boss Maycock — a 5ft 10in woman — the rule was that her dates always had to be over 6ft.The love of my life is exactly the same height as me in his stockinged feet so as soon as I put on my shoes I’m taller.That doesn’t matter to me now.” Feargal says: “The first time I saw Rena she was all in black and wearing 4in heels which put her at well over 6ft.“I’ve managed to convince a small woman to date a man who was shorter than average but slightly taller than her,” she says.She has also persuaded some women to go on a date with men who are the same height as them, she says — but this is the limit.