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“There’s less smokers every year,” said Sheldon Sokol, 68, the co-owner.

“Eventually, we’ll have to go no smoking, because the smokers will all die off.” He doesn’t smoke or drink himself. Pac-Man aficionados, and anyone you don’t need to try too hard to impress.

She thanked son Axl's school for making the transition so easy. (And Axl's school has helped as) we have a co-op so Josh and I would walk there several times before the school season," she said.

Fergie, Josh Duhamel trying for another baby before split "So I get to learn from the teachers and see how he reacts in a group of friends that he knows.

But it was a loving gripe: For him and others, Mc Glinchey’s is steeped in Philly nostalgia. Or go high-end: You can get the Glenlivet 15-year-old for .95.

“It’s sort of been a place of quiet contemplation for depressives and alchies, which I was part of for a while,” he said. Bathroom situation: Richly graffiitied and dimly lighted. A world in which, on a single evening, the soundtrack ricocheted between No Doubt, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, and, yes, Enya, at a noisy 98 decibels.

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The bathroom, which wouldn’t be an incongruous setting for the climactic scene in a horror film, was left otherwise undisturbed.Maybe it’s the churchlike afternoon light filtering softly through the geometric stained-glass windows, or the smoke-darkened duck-hunter mural (an old billboard that was recently, clumsily repainted) looming like some devotional artwork, or the sense of communion provided by the wraparound bar. We chose a vinyl-upholstered booth, and a waitress with pink hair and a fanny pack for a cash register brought us glass mugs of beer. The men’s room, I’m told, requires a spotter (or a zeal for exhibitionism) as there is neither a lock nor a stall door. Upstairs, at Tops, it was a much calmer 82 decibels, dominated by a rattling air conditioner.The idiosyncratic price points, like .55 for a Yuengling, always seem to result in a pile of change on the table. Pauly suggested it ought to be called Top Secret, given how few people know about it. Sometimes, they come in asking for tequila thinking it’s Jose Pistola’s, to the annoyance of the few regulars shooting pool, smoking cigarettes, and drinking cheap lagers. This pop diva is "open to love," but she's in no rush. I'm open to love, but it's just too soon." As for her estranged hubby, Fergie told the Associated Press during a Sept.