Discreet online adult chat

online, real-time chat program developed by Mirabilis that allows users to send and receive messages back and forth on the Internet.

It can be configured to alert or notify the user when acquaintances are online. is the single best way to get proof of an On-Line Affair, On-Line Cheating or Cyber Sex.

If you have found an email address and need to know who the owner is, or need someone to examine a computer for possible erased information left behind, we recommend that you contact an experienced computer investigator like the detectives at ASG Investigations These are interactive communities where people create a profile about themselves (often fictitious or greatly embellished) and then they have an on-line dialog with one another in real time.

Many of these rooms or groups are designed for strangers to interact.

They can be more provocative on-line, act bolder, kinkier and it is often accepted because they feel anonymous and protected. Most Americans have some e-mail software that they use to access their mail.

Outlook, Eudora and Netscape are among the most common types of e-mail software.

Installation and use is easy and can be done by anyone.

Sometimes they share movies over the web and describing their fantasies.

Although this is not a common form of affair, it is happening everyday with normal people who somehow end up being attracted to this type of environment.

They think it is safer and because it allows them to use an alias, they can always deny it.

If you think that your spouse is utilizing a computer to communicate about their affair or with the other person, see Spyware below.