Direct dating archaeology

Dennis and I published a summary of the theory in World Archaeology in December 2004.

This was followed 1n 2005 in World Archaeology by a rebuttal by Straus, Meltzer and Goebel.

There is now a final excavation report (available above).

Check it out: I am now Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Exeter I am teaching various courses including lithic technology and analysis, archaeological materials and have been appointed Director of the Experimental Archaeology Masters Programme . It is a one-year (11 1/2 months) Masters in Experimental Archaeology.AND they learn the difference between uniface/biface and cutting/scraping without even switching tools. I have lots to learn." Tim Rast This video is a great addition to any flintknapping library and is being shown in many beginning archaeology courses in universities and colleges throughout North and South America (and some in Europe).I continue to keep my hand in knapping and through my teaching (especially in the Learning To Be Human Project), knapping for experiments and doing demonstrations I mange not to get too rusty.Also, this spring I spent a week with Bill Woodcock knapping almost continuously on things he wanted made.Stix and Leaves Pueblo (5MT11555) in Montezuma County, Colorado is an Early Pueblo II Village that I excavated and researched for off and on for 7 years.