Did ashley leggat and michael seater dating

Michael Bruce Patrick Seater (born January 15, 1987), known professionally as Michael Seater, is a Canadian actor, writer, director and producer.

He is best known for his lead role as Derek in the popular Canadian sitcom Life with Derek.

But that didn't stop fans from noticing Dasey's crazy chemistry.

But, surely, we had to be imagining that chemistry. Well, MTV sat down with Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater, who played Casey and Derek, and what they had to say about Dasey will either shock you or make you the happiest shipper alive.

[but] I'm not gonna tell you the context of it," Michael teased.

So, if you're totally not here for Casey and Derek getting together, then take comfort in the fact that they never did.

Ashley Leggat, who played book-smart Casey on the Canadian series, welcomed her first child Friday (February 17) with husband Jeremy Williams, a professional hockey player.

Leggat shared a sweet Instagram pic of her newborn, swaddled in a pink blanket, a few days after her birth.

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Nora and George are loving parents to their combined five kids.

Happily the story has positive messages about effecting change and following your heart, in addition to its feel-good themes surrounding the bonds that unite families of all kinds.

Mild bathroom humor and a few kisses among teens are the edgiest of the content, so there’s little for families to worry about here.

"On 02/17/17 at p.m., Olivia Patricia Anne Williams said, 'That's it, I'm bustin out of here' and surprised us all by arriving 2.5 weeks early," the proud mom captioned.

"We are so in love with our little 7lb princess." The actress documented her pregnancy journey with multiple video diaries on You Tube and plenty of cute baby bump pics on Instagram all leading up to the big day.