Diazepam and dating

If an assault, rape or robbery has also taken place, the sentence will be even higher.Sexual assault is an act that is carried out without the victim’s active consent.If you start to feel strange or more drunk than you should be, get help immediately.

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Read on or go straight to: Tips on avoiding drink spiking What to do if you think your drink has been spiked What to do if you've been sexually assaulted following drink spiking Drink spiking can occur anywhere that drinks are available, including pubs, nightclubs, house parties, restaurants and at home. In 2012, Essex Police reported that 11% of drink spiking incidents involved men.

Although your symptoms will depend on which substance has been used, they usually include some of the following: If your drink has been spiked, it's unlikely that you will see, smell or taste any difference.

Some drugs, such as GHB, may taste slightly salty or smell unusual.

Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially in unfamiliar situations.

You could lose control, make risky decisions and become less aware of danger.