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Do you moan about the fact that people are attracted by the gruesome, and yet find that you glance over too as you drive by?Well, it’s not really your fault, you (and everybody else) can’t resist looking at scenes of danger.If I hover over one of the regions in the list then I see a thumbnail of information: Continuing on with this idea of progressive disclosure, if I click on that region then I link to a page with more pictures and little more detail: There is a big map and there are tabs to go to for more information.If I scroll down I’ll have details on the region: This is a great example of how to use progressive disclosure.It’s your “old brain” telling you to PAY ATTENTION.You have 3 brains — In my book, Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? ” That’s really all the old brain cares about, is food sex and danger. Without food you’ll die, without sex the species won’t continue, and if you are killed the other two questions don’t matter.

It literally means, ‘the mother who gave birth to you!

But you WILL notice all of those things whether you want to or not. I am pointing out that if you want to get someone’s attention at a website, then any images or headlines that include or imply food, sex, or danger will definitely get attention. Have you seen any good examples of websites that use these ideas effectively (besides just sex sites — don’t send me URLs for those)?

Cake, pretty woman, and a crash on the home page — I get emails from people who have read about the old brain in my book. I am about to head to Portugal for a week, and I was interested in exploring different possible destinations in Portugal.

Give me a little bit at a time — The Portugal tourism site did an OK job of what is called .

This is fancy term that is used in the field of psychology to refer to providing information in increasing chunks of size and complexity.