Deception from ancient empires to internet dating

Use the Limiters on the left column of the results list : Topics, Call Numbers (for Subject Area), Location (which library - another clue for subject/perspective), Publication Date, etc.When you are just starting, it's a good idea to use the ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER database.Kerr 1990 is an anthology of literary, religious, and historical writings about deception.Barnes 1994 treats lying in its societal context, while Ford 1996 brings a clinical perspective to the subject.This text challenges the belief that this is just a response of “dupes,” by exploring the example of consumers’ reactions to learning of wide-spread fraud in financial markets.Summary: Understanding what leads victims of fraud to deny their own victimization is essential, as it is not uncommon, even among those who are informed, intelligent, and perceptive.

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As the accumulated evidence shows, it is hard to detect lies.

Issues of truth and deception have figured prominently in philosophy, literature, and law.

More recently, psychologists have begun to treat deception as a topic for investigation.

And it shows how practitioners justify their work, despite evidence that it erodes government authority and contributes to global inequality.

Harrington’s research offers the first glimpse into the tactics and mentality of a secretive profession that controls astonishingly large flows of capital around the world.