Ddclient not updating opendns

However, many home users are assigned an IP address that changes more frequently. This makes it a challenge to translate a Name to one of these IP addresses.

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DNS requires that a name server somewhere on the Internet keep track of 'where you are' (i.e. That is, its database must always be updated to make sure your hostname always corresponds to your current IP address.

The period ("full stop") at the end of the URL is important to designate that the CNAME is a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). The @ symbol indicates a URL name without the first segment, e.g.

the URL Using CNAME aliasing, the original URL is retained in the browser.

While there are other services that support Dynamic DNS, why not take advantage of the free built-in functionality provided by Google Domains, using your own domain name?

Let’s step through the process of setting up a Dynamic DNS entry with Google Domains, as well as updating the entry via ddclient on a computer within your home network. Simply follow the instructions in the help article about Dynamic DNS under the heading.