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I am still amazed at how many people she has affected.Growing up with her, there were always runaways or kids who had it pretty tough, living with us. When she died, I remember calling many of them and just thinking of all the people who were gonna just be devastated for this loss was almost too much.People will be had their own ceremonies where ever they lived, and it was hard being so far apart.

We put out the message and you came here on KSF Day and you celebrated wherever you were.

Although, it made me feel not so alone, knowing everyone loved my mother, just like me.

She was the world to me, and now she is part of the world, looking down upon us all, like a purple Saint, reminding us to take deep breaths and to be good to each other and our earth.

Inevitably I finished up the immediate job and did what every other man in the country does faced with a difficult choice.

Thanks for joining us on Karen Flaherty Day, 2008 and we encourage you to sign up and join the effort to keep Karen's vision alive, and keep checking with each other every day in chat at noon and 6 pm PST (2 pm and 8 pm CST).