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On the other hand, it does explain why we haven't matched with Michael Fassbender yet...Investors rubbed elbows with entrepreneurs at two events in Chicago this week, with some scoping out a range of local deals at the Fund Conference and then checking out a select group of startups at Techstars Demo Day on Thursday.Actors often date other actors, singers date other singers and the Kardashians date...well, not other Kardashians but pretty much every other kind of star.Take it from Israel Idonije, a former Chicago Bears linebacker-turned-business owner whose startup team transformed a failing business into a success.His company, Blessed, makes pre-packaged communion cups and initially struggled to find funding.Sure, you might come across your neighbor or get sent a few dick pics along the way but that's all part of the deal. But what we didn't know is that there's a whole other exclusive Tinder world out there, just out of reach for us mere mortals.That's right, out with the uggos and poor people – Tinder apparently has a separate, high-end service that's invitation-only.

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Reminding us of love affairs past and present, rumored or otherwise, the map respects the six degrees of separation rule with impressive efficiency.It’s normal to struggle, according to Michael Dermer, founder and author of The Lonely Entrepreneur.The former health-care executive reminded attendees not to give in to “flawed perspectives” that emphasize finding as many customers as possible over building stability.“The real difference is changing your perspective,” Dermer said.Because if you thought the service left things up to chance, you're very much mistaken.In fact Tinder makes matches thanks to its special "Elo Score" system, which gives every one of its users a kind of internal rating.