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At the centre of the complex was a huge four level bunker that was used as the production and storage facility for N-Stoff; the fourth floor being some 15 metres below ground level.The total bunkered area of the four floors is some 15,600 square metres.We did visit Falkenhagen in 2001 but, considering the size of the complex, the tour was short with little time to take more than a cursory look at the site.This year we planned to spend two days at Falkenhagen and a further two days looking at new (to us) sites around Berlin.La prima volta che si accederà al materiale agli studenti dovranno cliccare il tasto "Iscrivimi".Il tutto per verificare la prima volta le credenziali.

With the impending sale of the site our mission this year was to record the bunker and the surrounding surface buildings before the new owners move in.

This bunker mentality carried on unabated until the end of the cold war and just as in Britain, many of the later bunkers that were under construction as the cold war drew to a close were never completed or commissioned.

Today, the majority of bunkers in West Germany are sealed and no longer accessible but in the east its a different story; there is less money and high unemployment.

During our first visit to East Germany in 2001 it was quickly apparent that the country was literally littered with bunkers of every size and type serving a multitude of different agencies.

A large number of bunkers were built during WW2 but during the Cold War there was a new sense of urgency with a genuine belief that the country would be attacked by the West, this led to a new and unstoppable demand for protected accommodation for everyone in command at whatever level.