Dating the enemy full cast

It was eye-opening reading through different perspectives as to the cause of the problem and how they approached it. This book is completely different for the movie, which is a good thing.

In the book, the main character interviews a large number of different people to get all angles of what happened during the zombie apocalypse.

Both gain a lot more understanding when something magical happens and they find that they have switched bodies.

Poor Brett finds himself having to deal with uncomfortable female fashions, monthly cycles, and a highly competitive intellectual job.

Poor Tash learns that being cool and handsome isn't as easy as it looks either.

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OVERVIEW: One messy science journalist (Tash) and a neat television host (Brett).Most interesting to myself would be the theory of it all.To see the ever growing number of Undead, Ghouls, Zedheds, Z's or whatever other pseudonym they took - to get to the root of the `how' and `why' then witness the subsequent military action, both joining together and falling out of categories of people (Quasies, Ferals, Rebels) based on their psychologies.For instance - one minor reference to Portland, ME's "Deering Oaks Park" - I used to live right across from it, and a few mentions to Burlington, VT (my home state).Through a series of `interviews' the author connects the dots of a) where and how the Z-germ spread (China, z-germ, Black-Market organs); b) the first theories and hypotheses (`African Rabies'); c) militarization, d) civilian action, e) government infighting & many other hazards of the war.