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Dave Peverett came up with the Foghat name: "On the eve of the album's completion, the band was still grappling with the choice of a name. I saw the band in 1974 at a concert that also featured REO Speedwagon and Black Oak Arkansas. Speedwagon was still a rock band whose only hit was Riding The Storm Out, and who had yet to discover big-money ballads.

Brandywine Track and Hootch had been considered and rejected. Peverett had made up this nonsense word in a childhood game with his brother, and once tried to convince Savoy Brown bandmate Chris Youlden to change his name to Luther Foghat. Black Oak Arkansas had a multi-guitar attack and kicked ass live.

How about Roger Earl, you listed him in every line up. Foghat would be a good example, with their drummer.

Saw lineup #3 in March 1978 - my first ever rock concert! Foghat played a great rockin' show that drew heavily from the Foghat Live setlist.

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(Youlden failed to see the wisdom in such a move.)" - from the band's website. IMO, Foghat was the best of the three bands that night. During the summer of 1970, I was playing in a band and living in Lewiston, ME.

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I remember hearing a variation of this story back in the '70s but forgot where I heard it. But I was already a fan before the concert, and had been a Savoy Brown fan before that. Savoy Brown and Roger Chapman & Family came to town (the Raw Sienna tour).

Still can't believe Foghat went 10 years without Peverett or Price. The local promoter brought Savoy Brown into the only head shop in town, where I happened to be working very part-time under the table.