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It happens before you even boot the game up, in fact, right at Dream Daddy's graphics settings. You get three options: Dad, Daddy, Daddiest (essentially: low, medium, and high).

Have a look in the image below: This is one of the wonderful things about the Unity 3D engine.

That's rarely the case - Inside, Hollow Knight, and Hearthstone are all made in Unity, for starters.

Here, with Dream Daddy's graphics options, as well as the game itself of course, we see another reason to give Unity games a chance. Oh, and by the way, the game's doing very well on Steam, with over 14,000 people playing it at the same time yesterday acording to Steam Charts.

The third date is the kicker, though, as that decides which dad will be your Dream Daddy, ending the game.

You can rush through, quickly choosing a favourite and rushing into bed together, or take your time, playing the field and going on dates with everyone before choosing your match. You might say the wrong things sometimes, or have to save a girl who waddled into the penguin enclosure at the aquarium, but it’s always a fun time.

The cul-de-sac they move to is, conveniently, filled with dads, most of which are single (the other is in the perpetual relationship state of ‘it’s complicated’).

It's also interesting to see a blade's appearance—its color, size and weight—translated into an actual person and a literal personality.

The relationships you make end up improving the lives of everyone involved as these dads forge a support network.

Above all else, the dad you play wants to make sure Amanda is happy.

Part dungeon crawler and part dating sim, Canada-based developer Kitfox Games' "shack-and-slash" is built around personified, dateable weapons who players must woo in order to grow stronger and "plunder the 'dunj.'" In a limited sense, stopping to "capture the hearts of cuties to level them up" isn't entirely dissimilar to conventional party systems where, as you explore, you find new recruits trapped in a dungeon, add them to your party, level their skills, and try not to alienate them with your moral choices.

But there's more to Boyfriend Dungeon's relationships than the occasional 'Companion A didn't like that' jab. You learn their likes and dislikes and take them on dates away from the dungeon, and as your relationship deepens, their weapon forms grow stronger.