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In 1315 Edward the Bruce of Scotland (brother of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland) landed at Larne with his 6000 strong army en route to conquer Ireland, where Olderfleet Castle was of strategic importance.Edward saw Ireland as another front in the ongoing war against Norman England.The oldest recorded name for Larne Lough is the Irish Loch Ollarbha (loch meaning "inlet") and Inbhear n Ollarbha'.Larne Lough is thought to have been mentioned by the Roman Emperor Serverus who described how, in 204AD, a Roman slave galley bound for Scotland was blown off course and took shelter in a place that they called Portus Saxa ("Port of the Standing stones").There was Viking activity in the area during the 10th and 11th centuries AD.

This surprise attack drove the garrison to flee the town, at which point the rebel force marched off to join up with Mc Cracken and fight in the Battle of Antrim.

is a seaport and industrial market town, as well as a civil parish, on the east coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland with a population of 18,323 people in the 2008 Estimate.

The Larne Local Government District had a population of 32,180 in 2011. Larne is administered by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

The area where the modern town sits was known in Irish as Inbhear an Latharna ("rivermouth of Latharna") and was later anglicised as Inver Larne or simply Inver.

The territorial name Latharna was only applied exclusively to the location of the present town in recent centuries.