Dating restrictions in the church

And in taking God at his word, Waldo turned his world upside down.Kylie Jenner has become a bona fide social media superstar who's mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie.Next, he sought spiritual counsel from a priest, who pointed him to the rich young ruler in the Gospels and quoted Jesus: “One thing you still lack.Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Luke ). Like the rich young ruler, Waldo suddenly realized he had been serving Mammon, not God.Waldo immediately began to preach from his Bible in the streets of Lyon, especially to the poor.Many were converted, and by 1175 a sizable group of men and women had become Waldo’s disciples.

But in 1179, Waldo appealed directly to Pope Alexander III and received his approval.

They too gave away their possessions and were preaching (women as well as men).

The people started calling them the “Poor of Lyons.” Later, as the group grew into a movement and spread throughout France and other parts of Europe, they became known as “The Waldensians.” The more Waldo studied Scripture, the more troubled he became over certain doctrines, practices, and governing structures of the Catholic Church — not to mention its wealth. But since the Church officially prohibited lay preaching, Waldo and his ragtag band drew opposition from church leaders.

And the movement he launched survived to join the great Reformation. He had a wife, two daughters, and lots of property.

But something happened — some say he witnessed the sudden death of a friend, others say he heard a spiritual song of a traveling minstrel — and Waldo became deeply troubled over the spiritual state of his soul and desperate to know how he could be saved. But since it only existed in the Latin Vulgate, and his Latin was poor, he hired two scholars to translate it into the vernacular so he could study it.