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"Jumla" is the Swahili word for "all together" and was the inspiration for the name Joomla! It lets you create unique websites in your own language.

Chapters provide categorization of recipes and give an introduction to the subject area with reference to the recipes contained within. sites, and see how to apply the many available Joomla! If you would like to try building websites as a freelancer or give your business a professional quality web presence, this is a great book to help you get started. Packed with expert advice on all aspects of programming with Joomla! works with a view to advanced customization or extension development, and want to learn how to work with the Joomla! This book will take you all the way from the most basic steps of preparation to the nuts and bolts of actual protection.

Written in plain English, the tutorial offers clear instructions, simple explanations, real-life examples, plenty of screenshots and humor.

The book is aimed at busy people who want to understand Joomla in a fun, readable and straightforward way.

In diesem Heft verraten wir dir ohne viel Umschweife, wie du mit dem frei verfügbaren Open-Source-System Joomla 1.5 problemlos zurechtkommst. er: los geht es mit der Installation und dem Einstieg.

Einzige Voraussetzung: Dein Webhoster bietet PHP- und My SQL-Unterstützung. Schürmann beschreibt das Drumherum um Websites, Gründe für den CMS-Einsatz die Installation von A-Z und die ersten Joomla! Alles schön übersichtlich Schritt für Schritt, mit Tipps und Screenshots an den entsprechenden Stellen -- schneller und effektiver Informationstransfer für Einsteiger.