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Read on for more advice from our Counselor, including handling jealousy between siblings. I felt quite down and dejected from being dumped and insecure that I might never find a relationship.I did get with a lovely girl but I am getting increasingly jealous, mainly over social media posts. Having just read this I already feel better enabled, especially using the 'I' instead of 'You'.Jealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation.Jealousy strikes both men and women and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party. It is not limited to romantic relationships but also can arise among siblings competing for parental attention or in friendships.Jealousy is distinguished from envy in that jealousy always involves a third party seen as a rival for affection.Envy occurs between two people and is best summed up as "I want what you have." Although jealousy is a painful emotional experience, evolutionary psychologists regard it not as an emotion to be suppressed but as one to heed—it is a signal, a wake-up call, that a valued relationship is in danger and steps need to be taken to regain the affection of one's mate or friend.

But I know plenty of girls who do and although I may be stereotyping, most of the times, it’s true.If you are having to deal with the jealousy of others, draw clear boundaries and protect yourself.The best way to start dealing with your own jealousy is to examine why you're feeling jealous.Handling Your Own Jealousy Handling Another's Jealousy Handling Childhood Sibling Rivalry Community Q&A Jealousy can ruin your peace and end relationships; it can also be a signal to you that it's time to make a change.Rather than letting jealousy infect your relationship with others, use its appearance as a reason to better understand yourself.