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Sarnoff's chief ambition wasn't making money but enlarging the applications of the electronic media through research and development.

Radio tycoon who headed the Columbia Broadcasting System.

“Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!

Profound cultural and social conflict marked the years of the 1920s.

Sales skyrocketed and the family ended up buying a chain of stations, which Paley renamed the Columbia Broadcasting System ().

He became president of the network on September 28.

He was famous for saying, "I never met a man I didn't like." Rogers regarded Congress as his "joke factory." He became a syndicated writer whose columns appeared in more than 400 newspapers.

The changing of sexual mores and gender roles marked a sharp separation from the Victorian past.

Prohibition made alcohol illegal, while wild speculation in the stock market, along with unhealthy corporate structures, ensured the decade's relative prosperity would end in a Great Crash.

His homespun wit made him a beloved national figure. The Johnsons traveled the globe photographing and filming their adventures in Africa, the South Pacific and elsewhere.

At the 1932 Democratic National Convention, Rogers fell asleep only to wake up to find he'd been nominated for President. In order to finance their trips, the Johnsons signed contracts to advertise tobacco, soft drinks, cosmetics and coffee.