Dating idiots

Based on their names alone, you would instantly form very different impressions of the twosomes.and author of The One in a Million Baby Name Book." data-reactid="22"So it follows that names play a significant role in dateability.

“In a survey we did, 68 percent of people said that a name would affect whether or not they would date someone,” says Jennifer Moss, founder of and author of The One in a Million Baby Name Book.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of guys willing to kowtow to them if you wise up to their tricks. The best way to avoid being one is to avoid dating one.

Have integrity, discernment, substance, and imagination. Don’t self-obsess about your appearance, but also avoid neglecting your looks.

Of course everyone out there is a philanthropic valedictorian CEO Buddhist monk Eagle Scout…and you are too.

With all the deception going on in the dating world, how do you know whether someone is an idiot or not?

There are myriad dating websites available that match people up based on compatibility.

Note that this idea is not original to their imagination but rather it’s learned after countless rejections by perceptive people.

These folks are actors and you have to be extra vigilant to spot these guys in a crowd.

As much as everyone thinks they want to be in a serious relationship, subconsciously they’re more afraid of things working out with the person they date than they are of everything falling apart. It’s not like they’re hard to find; they’re everywhere. You can’t swing an umbrella without hitting a total moron these days.

Even though morons are everywhere, people seek them out in strange places.