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Note: To complete this process, you will need a USB drive (thumb drive), a write-able disc and disc burner, or some other portable storage device onto which you can save this data.

The 'GTAIVPC_Offline' is approximately 10 MB in size, so please make sure to have at least this much room on your storage device for it.

This process will be explained in greater detail below.

Manually activating your game (also called 'offline activation'), using a different computer with Internet access, is a three-step process.

I am still stunned by the level of detail this game seems to be emitting - check out the driver readjusting his mirror at the start, lighting effects and even potholes in the road.

I bet they were using Sony Play Station3 footage though, but I bet it will be similar in both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Its amazing, and I am sure that it will be a gigantic hit. Mainly because I know all the places, or most anyway.

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Patch 8 updates the game to the latest version (see Patch notes for changes). The previous version, Patch, is also available (may be required for some mods). Most likely to happen when starting the game right after restarting Windows or at other high loads; visible signs of this are R* startup logos ending up (slightly) earlier than the background music and overall gameplay accelerations like Niko moving and shooting (a bit) faster than normal.The latest trailer "Move Over Ladies" was released tonight, and acts as the final glimpse of the game we will receive until the games release date.The trailer was mostly centered upon the storyline, but still managed to squeeze in some enticing snippets of car related action, with a brief chase, a peak at the damage system and my personal favourite element of the physics engine that featured a man falling onto a car Bad Boys 2 style.Just half an hour ago, the latest trailer was released bringing with it a tantalising barrage of car action, that was glaringly missed in the original teaser trailer.Very appetising indeed View it now at bring severe news - GTA 4, the most eagerly awaited game of the year by far, has been delayed until Q2 2008, i.e. This comes as quite a blow to those of us who were hotly anticipating it, especially since it has essentially been delayed for half a year.