Dating fordisabled

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"It’s common to feel a bit awkward about saying no, especially when it comes to things like dating or when it’s in the context of a new romantic or sexual offer.

One of our community members who works as a sex and relationships therapist says, “I work with a huge array of people with very different bodies, different abilities to move and position those bodies, and varying sensory issues.

One thing that's clear to me is that there's often a lot of anxiety around how our bodies look, what they can do, and whether or not we'll be able to please our partners. Firstly, this is impossible for any human being, and secondly, it can often be fun to make mistakes, and even healthy to have a bad experience.” "It’s very easy to bottle out of asking for things that we want.

The following tips on dating and sex for disabled people have been provided by members of our online community, and by Gill, our resident sex and relationships expert.

"This doesn’t need to be with someone else, and is open to all kinds of interpretation.

" - Gill, Sex and relationship expert on Scope's online community. If we always got everything we wanted or asked for, there would be no space for negotiation or meeting the needs of others as well as our own - particularly important in intimate relationships and situations. So don’t let it worry you." Just as important as your relationships with other people, if not more, is the relationship that you have with yourself.

If you’re hesitating, consider what’s stopping you from asking – what’s the worst that could happen? If they’re not on the same wavelength, or don’t want the same thing, that experience wouldn’t have been positive even if it had happened.Jesteśmy Właściwym miejscem, gdzie z łatwością znajdziesz kochającego Cię partnera, który będzie Cię szanował i kochał bez względu na Twoją niepełnosprawność.Jeśli nie wiesz gdzie masz zacząć, my z przyjemnością Ci pomożemy."It’s easy to forget that we all have the same rights to enjoy intimate relationships that give us joy (in whatever context you might want to experience it!) On that note, it bears repeating that it’s also everyone’s right to access free and confidential advice and services relating to our sexual lives, whatever they may be.