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Think of topics such as: What should we strive for as Christians?What traits of a fool are given in this book or chapter?What are the major principles, insights, and lessons? Ask yourself a series of questions relating to the content of the chapter, and ending with a general summary of the chapter.Divide the chapter into its natural sections and find headings for them that describe their contents.

Quality study Bibles are one of the most helpful all-around tools you can use to better understand and apply the Bible.When the text is the Bible, we must never stop with exegesis: We must also do theology — biblical, historical, systematic, and practical theology.Make organic connections with the whole canon on its own terms, across the storyline of the Bible, especially regarding how the Old and New Testaments integrate and climax in Christ.Write down insights as they come; the ultimate goal is application, not just interpretation.Make up your mind that you will regularly put some time into the study of the Bible. Torrey in , Bible students should take up various subjects, one by one, and search the Bible for what it has to say on these subjects.