Dating customs in senegal

In way back when, and to date, the drinks are widely-used to pour libation.

In those ceremonies when the drinks are presented, spokesman designated through the grooms’ delegation formally requests the bride’s family regarding permission to enter the property and announce their goals.

The Ghana marriage is a traditional ceremony where the groom accompanied by his family goes to the bride house and formally asks for the bride’s hand in marriage in the presence of friends, family and well-wishers.

The traditional Ghanaian ceremony is a necessary common rite of all marriages for all Ghanaian couples.

For the knocking ceremony the groom’s family members brings along two wine bottles on alcoholic drinks, some money and cola to the property to present to this brides family.

The article below is to show you importance and the richness of African weddings.

The marriage between man and woman is a special celebration of the natural continuity of life in every part of Africa.

In all the communities all over Africa the bride plays a very special role and is treated with maximum respect because she is a link between the ancestors and the unborn and is the most important part of family.

Most of the time this ceremony is carried out a week or two ahead of the actual marriage ceremony.

The knocking (“kookoo ko”) comes from the Ghanaian tradition of knocking on the entrance of a house before entering as being a visitor.