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DAY 3: SERVICE PROJECT — CENTRAL MOUNTAIN REGION As communities evolve so do their needs.We’ll work closely with area non-profits and community members to better understand local challenges. For more specific information concerning entry and exit requirements, travelers may contact the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the United States.

Criminals often have weapons and are likely to use them if they meet resistance. For further Information: Beaches and Resorts: We recommend that you do not consume alcoholic beverages alone or with “friends” that you make in the Dominican Republic.Today, you'll: DAYS 5-6: SERVICE PROJECT — NORTHERN COAST Focus your efforts on an education-themed service project in a northern coast community.You also have the option to add a surf lesson with a local expert.You’ll experience the vibrant local heritage as you explore historical museums and celebrate traditional customs with locals.While you become immersed in the culture, you’ll journey deep into the central and northern regions for a few days where you’ll work together with community members to address environmental, conservation and education challenges through a series of small service projects.