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Get Real about Violence is a K-12, research-based prevention program that addresses a wide range of violent behavior in students-from bullying and verbal aggression at early grades through fighting and social exclusion at middle grades to relationship abuse and assaults that can occur in later grades.

Learn more about GRAV’s multimedia curriculum consisting of three separate modules.

All eight measures of knowledge increased singificantly between the pretest and posttest in both schools.

Too Good for Drugs and Violence High School (9-12) is a research based curriculum to help prevent use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, as well as prescription or over the counter medication abuse.

In addition, it builds skills for decision making, communication, media literacy and conflict resolution, as well as building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Most importantly, it emphasizes there is assistance, strategies, and prevention for all affected by domestic and dating violence because no one deserves to be in an abusive relationship.

CDC Dating Matters seeks to promote healthy relationships as a method to preventing dating violence.