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The attrition rates for the ORWAC classes (10-15%) were less than the Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (WORWAC) classes(15-25%) because it was unusual for the Officers to get booted out for a non-Flight Deficiency reason.The myriad categories for which the SERB (Student Evaluation Review Board) at Fort Wolters would eliminate WOCs were only infrequently applied to the Student Officers.We all merged together well and quickly good-natured verbal barbs, made generally along Branch lines, were zipping across the back of the buses as we headed out towards our first classes.The Infantry types certainly didn't look very bright, and honestly, the Armor boys looked somewhat scruffy compared to those fortunate enough to belong to the Artillery Branch (you know, Napoleon, President Truman, General Westmoreland, etc,).I don’t think he had to dispense much in the way of discipline but he was a very positive role model for all of us.After a day or so for in-processing and picking up our flight gear we settled down into the routine of Flight School.

The average Student Officer starting Flight School in 1968 was a 2LT with less than two years service, which meant that in 1968 our monthly basic pay was 4.60/month, plus .88 for Subsistence and .20/month for quarters allowance (without dependent).

While flying we also received Hazardous Duty pay of 0/month.

There normally wasn’t much left after paying rent, our Officer’s Club bill, partying hard, and of course making the payment on the overpowered cars that we all seemed to drive. 5th, we were assigned to our flights and told that we collectively belonged to ORWAC Class 68-24 (“Brown Hats").

There were already a few other new Student Officers hanging around the orderly room and I remember that we tentatively introduced ourselves and chatted briefly.

That was my first introduction to some of my classmates, we were to spend the next eight months flying and learning together in what was perhaps the most interesting and exciting school available in the U. Army - the Officers Rotary Wing Aviator Course (ORWAC).