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Alternatively, you could hand out the insults as chewing gum, if you prefer. You can’t beat the trick of shocking someone when they don’t expect it. Reinvent the fun of shocking your friends as a game where they at least have the advantage of knowing it’s coming. You can adjust the shock level by three settings, so you can dial in how much pain you want your friends to endure. Designed to look just like an old NES cartridge, these are instead flasks, perfect for hiding your favorite libation.

Gameplay is simple: listen to the music and watch the lights. It might seem a little conspicuous to be carrying around an NES cartridge, but nevermind that. Price: .49 Did you, like me, attach baseball cards to the frame of your bike so that they’d clack against the spokes and create a vaguely motorbike sound?

If it’s a Yankee Swap, you have to decide whether you’re bringing something that someone gets stuck with, or the thing they’re gunning for — every gift exchange has that one actually-cool item.

They’re usually a bit on the cheaper side, they’re humorous, and they can be pretty much anything. Whether it’s for a Yankee Swap or a white elephant gift exchange, or just because you feel like messing with someone, giving a novelty gift keeps the mood light, no matter the setting.

It also features a party mode, which causes the light to react to the music in a room. Price: (6 percent off MSRP) Candy canes are an essential part of Christmas.

There’s a dial to adjust the sensitivity to the volume of the music. While almost every one you come across is peppermint flavored, that won’t cut it for some people.

Why not add in the extra touch of being a map inspired by fandom? Give them this mug straight out of Luke’s so they can revel in their favorite show every morning. It comes in four colors — blue, pink, purple, and mint green — as well as a size each for kids and adults. Get them this nameplate that declares their love for work and/or Rick Ross. Price: .99 There’s something rewarding about being able to lob an insult over the head of the intended audience.

This is a LOTR map of Middle Earth, perfect for anyone who loves the books or movies. If you prefer, you can also get a Game of Thrones map, too. Choose between brass and brown, silver and brown, brass and white, and silver and white. How better to do that than with Shakespearean insults?