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b- The female worker shall not be employed during the forty days following the delivery.

In case said female worker works for another employer during the maternity leave, she shall be subject to the provisions of Article 62 of this law.

The patterns of gender and nationality characterizing Bahrain’s workforce today are to be situated within an economic and social framework which has undergone many changes since the early 20 century.

Now, within a context where Bahraini women are encouraged and motivated to seek employment, does the employment of foreign women help or hinder their entry into the work force?

Article 36 The employer employing women shall post in an apparent location at the workplaces or in the places of gathering of workers a copy of the regulations governing the employment of female workers.

Five Bahraini female political prisoners have gone on hunger strike to protest against ill-treatment and a glass barrier that prevents contact with visitors, a rights group said on Friday.

The employer shall determine the timing of the above mentioned period the female worker takes to provide care for her child in accordance with the female worker’s circumstances and the interest of the work.

And in a cultural context where certain occupations have long been viewed as unsuitable for women, does foreign women employing impact cultural perceptions of these jobs?

These questions are asked of occupations in which relatively large numbers of women work, namely education, hospitality, retail and household work.

Two other activists, Radhi al-Qatari and Mohammed al-Shakhoori, were also released until their trials on similar charges, according to BIRD.

In April, parliament gave approval for military courts to try civilians charged with "terrorism", a vaguely defined legal term in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.