Dating and romantic relationships in adolescence

This relationship is not surprising considering adolescents describe dating and spending time with romantic partners as a central focus in their lives.Due to the association between early dating experiences in adolescence, and later experiences in adult relationships, the following series of articles will focus on what to expect as an adolescent enters the dating arena.They come with all the other changes going on during adolescence – physical, social and emotional.And they’re linked to your child’s growing interest in body image and looks, independence and privacy.Look for the next installment of this series which will focus on the benefits and risks associated with adolescent dating.

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There isn’t a ‘right age’ to start having relationships – every child is different, and every family will feel differently about this issue.A romantic crush is the beginning of romantic feelings.It’s about your child imagining another person as perfect or ideal.Regardless of whether your adolescent has an official boyfriend or girlfriend, he/she is aware of the dating practices and expectations of his/her peers.Understanding the normal patterns of dating among adolescents may help in initiating conversations about your adolescent’s emerging romantic interests.