Dating an ex boyfriend advice

I get it, the whole sweet and simple way of life can be enticing—but it’s not realistic.Life is not all flowers and sunshine, and when the going gets tough, these guys often freeze, deer in the headlights style.I’ve always shied away from the "finance guy." New York City is filled with them; suits tailored perfectly, cologne permeating the nostrils from 7 feet away, hair coifed entirely too much for comfort…need I say more?After a string of artists and bohemians, I decided I was eliminating an entire breed based upon stereotypes.I kept asking him when he could come see me, and I always got “I don’t know when I can get off work, babe” or “I’ll see what I can do, ok?

Just add a room full of people, like my family, and suddenly that aloof charm had my heart racing, with anxiety instead of love. Mysterious and when we were with my entire family, he was off in the corner observing as my family desperately tried to include him.Then I noticed how he would speak to the servers and cab drivers; everything was on his terms. He had almost charmed me into believing that he was respecting me, so close!That brought me back to the realization that money can’t buy class, and a good man treats everyone he meets with equal respect no matter their profession.The boyfriend’s mom is a tricky beast to tame; you have to be warm and complimentary, while showing that you can stand your own ground.I dated a guy whose mom was a professional powerhouse.