Dating albanian men

It hurt us that our brothers and sisters in imaan, and our own families were so ignorant.

However, this type of bigotry is not what hurt the most.

Another African American sister decided to “school me” on black men: Advice from white sisters was different than from the black American sisters.

White sisters were often patronizing, even condescending, when they found I was from a foreign land.

When our imaan is questioned, and we are accused of major sins because we aren’t the nationality or colors they’d expect to see wearing niqab and thobes, our hearts are crushed.

These people aren’t non-Muslim cops who uphold America’s racist system.

She called him my “baby’s daddy” and asked him to leave when he tried to sign forms that I was too drugged up to sign after having a C-section, saying, “only mom and legal family can sign the forms,” and she had the nerve to be surprised when he lost his cool, and snapped back, “She’s my wife and I am the baby’s FATHER! May Allah reward my husband for his patience, ameen.

They aren’t racist shop owners following my husband around a store.

These people are our brothers and sisters in Islam, and they are violating our rights.

The same woman who thought I couldn’t do my child’s hair made my daughter feel uneasy about her curly locks.

We experienced ignorant bigotry from other Muslims outside of our families.