Dating after legal separation nc

It can contain terms for division of property, alimony, child support and child custody.As previously stated, both parties sign a Separation Agreement, and it is notarized to be a valid document.Court Order— Unfortunately, sometimes parties are unable to reach an agreement.

TOP OF PAGE My spouse and I are separating, what is the first thing I should do? Start looking for copies of important financial documents, such as mortgage information, bank account statements, credit card and other debt statements, retirement statements, insurance policies, tax returns and paystubs.

“I hear my friends and family members using words like ‘litigation’ and ‘separation papers.’ What do they mean by those words?

” Litigation— Means you’re “going to court.” If you are in litigation, or are planning to litigate, a lawsuit must be filed, and it must be served on the other party to start the lawsuit.

TOP OF PAGE What happens when you have an agreement or a court order, and the other party doesn’t follow the terms?

A Separation Agreement can be enforced by filing a breach of contract action in District Court against the breaching party.