Dating a t rex

It is one thing to have a great profile but you’ve got to have killer game to get a dialogue going.Some of the conversation we get into are light hearted like the above, some genuinely want to meet up (there’s a lot of bone jokes, I’ll spare you) and many have no idea what #FNLROM is and want to know more and a few are just having a good time talking to a T. I was happily surprised how easy it was to connect with people, I wasn’t sure people would connect with a dinosaur, and I equally surprised when people ask about #FNLROM.We’ve also recognized a huge drop in UGC at the events, people just aren’t sharing their experience as much anymore, or at least not publicly.It is true that we’re doing more on Facebook around the events, we’re also doing more on Instagram and Snapchat with regular geo-filters and stories but we were still left wondering, where did everybody go?When we were coming up with this initiative we were originally going to create a male and female profile but we decided to just do one and talk to everyone.It is surprisingly easy to get people to chat about #FNLROM, in the above example we didn’t even give her the link, she must have searched it herself and asked us which theme/week we liked best. Tonight, June 2nd, 2017 will be Teddy’s fourth time on the platform.

The skull, which was covered in plaster to protect it, measures about 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, and is 66.3 million years old.

According to Tinder’s website, “The people we meet change our lives.

A friend, a date, a romance, or even a chance encounter can change someone’s life forever.

One of the great/slightly terrifying features of Tinder is the location-aware capabilities, we keep Teddy’s discoverability down to 2kms in the hopes of engaging people onsite at #FNLROM.

That said, we also connect with a lot of people not at the museum on a Friday night and have the opportunity to tell them about #FNLROM (ROI! Personal confession: I have been off the market since 2003, Facebook was an infant and Ok Cupid, or, please.