Dating a springfield 22 rifle

Unlike the older style Tapco mags, these so-called “smooth sides” will fit into standard-sized AK mag pouches.

And at -14 bucks a pop, they’re a pretty good deal. Furniture & Rails The M10 includes a UTG quad rail. Palm rails, the UTG doesn’t allow the operator to co-witness optics with iron sights.

I’ve been running Hogue and Ergo grips on three of my AKs for years and I highly recommend both grips.

The big difference is the Hogue has more pronounced finger grooves and the grip angle seems a little different than the Ergo.

I had a K-Var KS-04S rail on hand, but I didn’t like how high it placed my optic. I might have to try a Midwest Industries mount to see if that will bring the optic down a little lower.

In the photo below, you can see how the M M’s side plate is mounted higher on the receiver compared to a Bulgarian AK variant.

It works perfectly with the Tapco magazine that’s provided by the factory, but many of my other steel AK mags were a bit too tight to work well.It is named after the law that sets forth the rules under 18 USC Ch. It’s good to know that M M has seen fit to do this conversion the right way.My gun didn’t have the mag wobble issue that’s common on a lot of the AKs that are widened here in the states such as my TGI AMD 65.However, it was an easy fix which took me all of about 10 minutes with a file to complete.Magazines The M10-762 ships with one 30-round Tapco Intrafuse® “Smooth Side Low Drag” 30rd Magazine.