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“Personal relationship” is defined by reference to G. 50B-1(b); it thus means a relationship where the parties: G. A casual acquaintance or ordinary fraternization between persons in a business or social context is not a dating relationship.” at (d)(3). The court may order the destruction of images made in violation of the statute. A dating relationship “is one wherein the parties are romantically involved over time and on a continuous basis during the course of the relationship.

14-190.5A Elements A person guilty of this offense: (1) knowingly (2) discloses an image of another person (3) with the intent to (a) coerce, harass, intimidate, demean, humiliate, or cause financial loss to the depicted person, (4) the depicted person is identifiable from the disclosed image or from information offered in connection with it, (5) the depicted person’s intimate parts are exposed or the depicted person is engaged in sexual conduct in the disclosed image, (6) the person discloses the image without the affirmative consent of the depicted person, (7) the person discloses the image under circumstances such that he or she knew or should have known that the depicted person had a reasonable expectation of privacy. This is the same definition of sexual conduct that applies with respect to obscenity. The term “reasonable expectation of privacy” is defined as follows: “When a depicted person has consented to the disclosure of an image within the context of a personal relationship and the depicted person reasonably believes that the disclosure will not go beyond that relationship.” G. She is a minor and her parents exert a strong influence in her life.Granted,you are still only seventeen years old yourself (sex between the two of you is actually still illegal), and you are sincerely interested in her, are you interested enough to wait three years until it is legal for the two of you to have sexual contact? No, it is not illegal to socialize with a minor if there is no sexual activity although you can expose yourself to such an accusation to say nothing of the temptation.