Dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

‘But I reeled off my conversation with his mistress and said: “I’ve got her number here. Her life, her trust in men, her future and family would never be the same again. , 10 per cent of fathers-to-be cheat on their partners during pregnancy.Some say they do it because they feel usurped by the impending arrival and fear their position in the family is being undermined.You can use him for sex while you enjoy a single lifestyle without ties or responsibilities or you can change lovers if you want or dispense with them altogether.

‘I felt sick knowing he had done this terrible thing to me again.’‘We’d bought a beautiful four-bedroom villa with a pool on the Costa Blanca and I told myself I would live with what he’d done to me, rather than have nowhere to live and no means of supporting myself.’‘I no longer trusted him.When Chloe was five, Rebecca was thrilled to give birth to a son, Darcy, now 15, believing she could finally put Marc’s infidelity behind her.They moved to Belgium to run a bar and then, when Darcy was two, decided to live in Spain, where Marc wanted to set up an estate agency.He raced back, fearing something was wrong with his wife or son. The pain, Adele says, can best be described as a ‘glass figurine, thrown to the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces’.When she confronted him, he flatly denied it.‘He laughed in my face and said: “You’re going crackers, you must have post-natal depression,” ’ says Adele. Paul was the only man she’d ever loved: as well as Cain, who is now eight, the couple have two older children, a 19-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. According to the psychologist Robert Rodriguez, author of What’s Your Pregnant Man Thinking?