Dating a junkie

We're really, Did you get caught in the wind and rain this morning?! We couldn't decide which Rimmel lipstick to buy in Boots; it's harder than trying to pick a dinner spot with friends, or a film on Netflix. If you really want to impress us, buy us the new limited edition Chanel nail polish. We'll be online frantically filling our basket, like you would with Glasto tickets. We'll talk about nail polish names, not shades, as standard. Do you like my Tart With A Heart / I Have A Herring Problem / Bikini So Teeny? Come and see us for a blow dry to sort your hair out for the weekend! The back of our hands might be multicoloured at times... Lisa, from Clapham, said: "Inevitably, she fell back in with her old mates and within weeks she was using heroin again."By March the next year she looked awful she was pale and skeletal, with that dreadful dead look in her eyes that all heroin addicts have, and track marks up her arms where shed been injecting.

"Hannah was getting excluded from school, or being picked up and brought home by the police. "I've had experience working in a rehab centre and counselling drug and alcohol offenders.

"But once again the old crowd was there waiting for Hannah and although agencies were there to support her, they didn't work together.

Hannah fell through the gaps and before long she was using again.

" Hannah moved into supported housing in August last year and seemed determined to kick her habit.

In September she wrote her moving letter to the drug that had blighted her teenage years, beginning: "Dear Heroin, I never want to touch you ever again, you've ruined my life." Mother Louise said: "She wanted to warn other kids to stay away from heroin so I told her to write it out on some paper and wed send it to the local newspaper. She was ashamed of what shed done to the family, but she was never afraid to admit she had problems. My life is empty without her." Three weeks later, on October 20th last year, staff at the supported housing unit found Hannah dead in her room. Lisa said: "It was so desperately sad shed come so far, and had nearly made it.